dump_projector / SWF Flash file extractor


Extract SWF files from Flash Projector EXE files


Sometimes I don't understand content creators: They are developing in a language that is platform independent (Flash), and then they lock the content to a specific platform (Windows, Mac)...

This site offers a (hopefully) POSIX compatible version of nullsecurity.org's dump_projector, which will extract the SWF content from the EXE file. You can then use the Flash Player Projector to play the actual content.

Note: You don't need this application for Mac projector bundles: you will find the plain SWF file in <application name>.app/Contents/Ressources; just copy it to the root directory.


Example: The What Makes You Tick? series. The game is developed in Flash and you can play the demo in your browser on any OS with a Flash binary, but the full game is only available as a Windows EXE or Mac App file. Let's change that:


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Linux 64 bit (x86_64) binary: dump_projector

*BSD (sparc): dump_projector

Source code: dump_projector on GitHub


Precompiled binaries

Download one of the files above and make it executable. For a system wide installation copy it to /usr/local/bin/ and you are ready to go!

Compiling the source

Use the binary files if you are an inexperienced user! :-)

For compilation just type gcc dump_projector.c -o dump_projector


Command line

dump_projector will only print usage information.
dump_projector sourcefile.exe targetfile.swf will try to extract the SWF file from the given EXE file.




Added Windows compatibility (thanks to Wyatt Ward!)


Initial version


Last changed on: July 24 2019 09:07:11.