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Did you ever wonder how to burn a CDI image on Linux? Unfortunately I couldn't find any application which would do so. Currently the only solution is to convert the image into another more Linux friendly format.

This site offers a (hopefully) POSIX compatible version of DeXTs excellent CDI2nero, which will try to convert the image into a Nero NRG image. The image can be burned with the (commercial) Nero Linux. In contrast to other converters CDI2Nero will convert all tracks of the CDI image, not just the first one (which is important for Dreamcast images or other multisession CDs). For alternate and manual approaches see the "Links" section.

As I wasn't able to contact DeXT - the author of the original program - any more I have created this site to host the files in the meantime (if anyone knows how to contact him please drop me a note!)



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Linux 32 bit (x86) binary: cdi2nero

Linux 64 bit (x86_64) binary: cdi2nero

*BSD (sparc): cdi2nero

Source code (diff): cdi2nero.patch (This patch applies to version 0.9.9.)


Precompiled binaries

Download one of the files above (use the x86 one if you aren't sure which one you need) and make it executable. For a system wide installation copy it to /usr/local/bin/ and you are ready to go!

Compiling the source

Use the binary files if you are an inexperienced user! :-)

If you still want to compile the program yourself, first download the original CDI2nero source, unpack it, change to the directory and apply the patch (patch -p0 < cdi2nero.patch).

Hint: In case you are one of the few persons with a big endian CPU (e.g. SPARC), uncomment the line #define USE_BIG_ENDIAN 1 in common.h before the next step.

Now just type make.


Command line

cdi2nero will start the program and ask for the name of the source and the target file. You also have to choose if you want a Disc-at-Once (DAO) or Track-at-Once (TAO) image.
cdi2nero sourcefile.cdi will convert your file "sourcefile.cdi" to a Nero image called "sourcefile.nrg". The image will be created as a DAO file.
cdi2nero sourcefile.cdi targetfile.nrg allows you to change the name of the output file. Otherwise the same as above.




Since GeoCities closed it's doors and neither nor have restored DeXT's old pages yet I've linked the original cdi2nero sites to the latest snapshots. Have fun, you can also find the Windows version there :-)


Recompiled cdi2nero for x86_64 (point to correct location in the ELF INTERP header - if you couldn't execute the file before please try again with this version)
Uploaded OpenBSD SPARC binary


Initial version


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